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Wow, a very engaging book! The stories in this book keep you intrigued!! I absolutely LOVE the variety - of authors, of stories, of imagination! I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend this to anyone! It is not just a Christmas book, but the stories carry in them a beautiful and consistent theme.

    ~ Amazon Customer

What a fun book! I really enjoyed these short stories that pulled you into each authors' fantasy world. Many of the stories left me longing for more and wishing that the stories weren't short!
    ~ Amazon Customer

If you are looking for a wild ride to Christmas adventures that you could never imagine, then this is the book for you. I absolutely loved so many of these stories. I would never have known that most of the authors in this anthology are not seasoned authors based on reading it. The stories are well crafted and totally entertaining. From dragons to demons, this book has stories with twists, turns and surprises. A few of them will even pull at your heartstrings.

   ~ Amazon Customer

Thirteen stories - Thirteen authors

One theme - A Fantasy Christmas

Christmas magic just go more enchanting with this collection of fantasy festive tales...

A. A. Warne - FrankenSanta

Three naughty Elves accidentally kill Santa Clause and decide to bring him back to life. Unfortunately, he's not quite the same.

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Writer, Author, and Independent Publisher

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