Australian Speculative Fiction Anthology

Volume One

Esmeralda is trapped in a nightmare, unable to wake and escape from the darkness.

A simple bus trip turns into a fight for survival.

Alone in a strange place with no memories of who she is or how she got there, Alora's world changes forever. 



These are just some of the stories that you will find in this thrilling collection of speculative tales. Stories include:

When the Lights Went Out by Lachlan Walter

The Beginning of the End by Carolyn Young

Portals by A. A. Warne

Edge by Alanah Andrews

Next Journey by Chris Foley

Bus Trip by Stephen Herczeg

The Teacup by Austin P. Sheehan

Dealt in Sin by Sasha Hanton

The Inheritance Experiment by Kel E. Fox

The Vessel by Matthew P. Copping

The Morrigan by Maddie Jensen

Break the Spell by Belinda Brady

Bugles Bred & Bugles Born by Rebecca Dale

A Spark of Youth by Marcus Turner

The Washer Woman's Favourite by Maureen Flynn

The Big Bang by Jocelyn Spark