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Heavy Dirty Soul banner.jpg

I love this take on living in a loop. Love, infatuation, past lives, and fate...

For lovers of magic and history, ill-fated love, and discovery... this is your next best read.

~ Amazon Customer

It's rare that you can genuinely say "This book is unlike any other I've read" but I really don't know how else to explain it. It's not really a fantasy, it's not really a love story, it's something else entirely.

~ Amazon Customer

Heavy Dirty Soul is the century-spanning tale of a love triangle gone very wrong and the persecution of women suspected of witchcraft through the ages.

  ~ Amazon Customer

A love that transcends Death. A curse that defies Time.

Bold, intelligent Ivy is a witch.In a time of rampant hysteria against witchcraft, Ivy is an easy target.

After she wins the heart of Thomas, the town's most eligible bachelor, Ivy's rivals burn her at the stake. 

Her death unleashes a powerful curse, forcing Ivy and Thomas to relive their doomed romance throughout the ages. 

But this is no love story...

© A. A. Warne 2020

Writer, Author, and Independent Publisher

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