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Ross Kingston

Today in the Writer's Corner, we meet Ross Kingston.

Amanda: Hi, Ross. Welcome to the Writer’s Corner, where we talk all things writing in our corner of the world! 

Ross: Howdy, Amanda! Thank you for including me.

Amanda: So tell us, where abouts are you in this big wide world?

Ross: I live in the western suburbs of Sydney. 

Amanda: You’ve just released the third book of The Elemental Chronicles, tell us anything and everything. 

Ross: Ah, Yes, Illumination follows the events of Reaper, as is what usually happens with sequels. Illumination brings the issues of the world to a much larger scale, whereas the first two books showed the issues surrounding the kingdom. I remember telling my editor I was concerned with Illumination’s story, but now the finished product is something I’m rather proud of. It’s full of the flashy battles my readers have come to enjoy, a legendary city, and a big ol’ dog with more secrets than even the Guildmaster. 

Amanda: What are you working on right now?

Ross: Book 4: Purgatory. The finale of the series. I’m also mind mapping a new project for next year. It promises to be… a big year. 

Amanda: Describe your writing space? What makes it uniquely you?

Ross: Hm, my office is a cramped spare room more ideally suitable for storage. That said, it allows for my must haves to write. The ability to see the open sky, a scented candle and a device for music.

Amanda: Was there a defining moment in your life where you knew you had to be a writer?

Ross: No. I’ve always had a few stories in my head but it was more an old friend who suggested I give it a shot. Then I sort of just kept going haha! 

Amanda: Have you ever based a character on someone you know? Did you ever tell them?

Ross: Yes. Several. They get mad if they die. 

Amanda: What kind of research do you do? And how long do you spend researching before you write a book?

Ross: None. Absolutely none. I dive into the rough draft as ignorant and foolhardy as possible. The story needs to be on paper before you can do anything. In fantasy, there is still research that must be done. But not before starting a rough draft.

Amanda: Have you edited something out a book? And why? 

Ross: I have only ever scrapped one idea that was written. My editor helped me see the light, and it was pretty bad.

Amanda: Have you ever hidden a secret inside a book? Can you give us clues how to find it? 

Ross: Hm, this is an interesting one. I will say this, the first Elemental Deity that readers meet is not actually the first Elemental Deity they meet. Not by a long shot. 

Amanda: What was your hardest scene to write?

Ross: That readers have seen? Alicea’s dances. That readers haven’t seen? They’ll know it when they read Purgatory. 

Amanda: What is the most difficult part of your writing process?

Ross: Telling myself that my work IS good enough. 

Amanda: Do you have a writing kryptonite?

Ross: My partner, Bec. We work a lot, she has two jobs and she’s doing a course. I have a full time job and writing. When we have a morning together all I want to do is have breakfast with her and watch garbage on TV. 

Amanda: Are you a plotter or pantser?

Ross: I think the above questions gives that one away haha.

Amanda: Are you a world builder or character creator?

Ross: My characters are everything. The complex workings of my world simmer below stage for those interested in looking, while my characters are in the limelight. 

Amanda: What are you reading right now?

Ross: The Rat Queens comics. Possibly a strange choice but they are cleverly done and deeper than first impressions suggest. 

Amanda: Any advice for writers?

Ross: Write. Look, you’re going to suck, you’re going to hate your work and possibly even yourself. But at the end of it all, as you drag the quality of what was initially drivel up to a standard you can be proud of, it pays off. Above all, know that someone out there is killing to know what happens next. 

Amanda: Any advice for readers?

Ross: Is this where I shamelessly try and sell my work to them? Haha. But seriously, by reading you’re doing enough. Truly, you are. 

Amanda: Book four - when can we read it? And what can we expect?

Ross: Next year is all I’m willing to commit to. That said, it’s moving quickly. As for what to expect, there’s answers to all the questions the lovely readers have been putting in my inbox. Oh, and a healthy dose of heartbreak. And of course, there’s the final battle everyone wants. 

Amanda: Thank you so much Ross! It was a pleasure. 

Ross: Indeed it was, thank you again for this! 

Amanda: Can you please tell everyone how to find you!

Ross: Certainly, if you’re on Facebook my author page is searchable (my name and the word ‘author’). My website is

And of course my books are on most online outlets.